our engineering & technologies

Energy know-how:

  • energy generation such as onshore wind, commercial scale  solar PV, back-up generation and controls
  • storage can comprise of commercial scale battery or storage cell technology such as hydrogen
  • smartgrid encompasses MV substation connectivity, DNO relationships and in-house distribution networks and power factor correction
  • intelligent usage is all about demand measurement, trending, process optimisation around peak load demands and the opportunities offered by peak shaving​ technologies

Automation know-how:

  • system integration of the downstream drive-train technologies of process automation, plc controls, drives and motors​, all wrapped up with SCADA and PCS/DCS management controls
  • process industry areas such as paper, plastics & rubber, metals, recycling, cement, mining, automotive, food & beverage, conveyors, robotics, oil&gas, marine  
  • production machines can include stand-alone welding cells for the automotive sector, filling & dispensing heads for food & beverage and robotic automation for all post processing assembly including packaging  
  • operational services include the know-how and contacts for installation, commissioning, Operation & Maintenance projects as well as specialist services such as power analysis, machine safety.   Wrapped up with any operational service offer is of course parts supply and repair processes

our process orientation

specialist services

When it comes to specialist services, our consultancy experiences are drawn from personal best practice experiences from some of the most successful blue chip corporations around.   Majoring predominately on the themes of:

  • operational excellence models to evaluate where you are, where the competition is and how to become best in class
  • project management to make it all happen
  • product lifecycle management to optimise the product streams and to drive sales​Give customers a reason to do business with you.