sales growth via sales process

We understand the sales cycle and its application

Our experiences span across many different areas, with a common driving ambition to always create and continuously increase customer value. Our experiences include the very building blocks of any sales strategy and management:

  • key account management
  • customer value and orientation
  • services and eCommerce
  • defining and managing service quality
  • marketing strategies of value, price, promotion and retention
  • customer and supplier relationships

Channels of distribution

Sales channels are the connections between manufacturers and end customers. We have considerable experience of the many facets of managing a distribution or reselling business. We understand the aspects of sales push and market pull effects, as well as the wide area of operational excellence for sales and marketing.

sales growth via product innovation

Product Portfolio Management (PPM)

Product Portfolio Management is taking the collection of innovation ideas and managing them through a funnel of decision making and planning to achieve future strategic growth.

To achieve long term strategic success, the process of innovation must also be tightly aligned to a systematic approach to Product Portfolio Management (PPM), that in itself helps drive the sales processes with content.

  • collection of ideas through market and technology trends, competitor analysis, customer feedback, pre-development
  • evaluation of ideas by market research, technological validation and analysis of customer process
  • decision making about product portfolio and product roadmap aligned to business strategy
  • commercial data for each product group
  • Product Portfolio Management (PPM) is a strategic, continuous, overall and ongoing activity which accompanies the whole Product LifeCycle Management process (PLM)

sales growth via service and customer support

The importance of service & support

Excellent customer support is essential in generating customer satisfaction and retention, thereby securing and enhancing sales volume.

Customers expect user-friendly products and systems of a high quality and so suppliers have the task of accompanying the customer over the whole product life-cycle so that they achieve the optimum value from the use of their purchased products.

Service & support are as important as the product itself and are increasingly becoming a key determining factor for customers and a differentiating feature compared with the market competition