technical training

Learn from the experts

We are experts in Digital Business Design for Knowledge Management, Expert Communities and Technical Training. We offer the ways and means to deliver enhanced people skills, especially in the business excellence and technical arenas. Full time or part time. On site workshops or remotely based. 

Training themes

We offer bespoke training on key themes such as:

  • business Excellence, best practice sharing, benchmarking and productivity 
  • knowledge Management, Expert Communities, skills matrix 
  • methodology of systematic problem-solving and product innovation, incl. introduction and application of TRIZ, FMEA, QFD 
  • we offer coaching on Value Stream Analysis, LEAN, S&OP, BPR, ERP, OE, Process Mapping, Resource Utilisation, Operational Excellence and Digital Business Design 
  • creation of Expert Communities for promoters, sales, technical application support and service experts encompassing knowledge management, training, and best practice. 

Specific technical training

We offer specific technical training on: 

  • engineering and technology themes 
  • power and control electronics 
  • automation for advanced manufacturing and low carbon innovation 
  • Industry4.0